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Marlis Leue

Miniature & Monumental

Marlis Leue, artist, writer, and entrepreneur, originally from Detmold/Lippe/Germany, resident in the village of Alfacar/Granada/Spain since 1983.
After having worked in education and run an art gallery (Die Werkstatt) in Germany for eight years, Marlis is today a full-time artist. Until the beginning of the 1990s she worked primarily with clay, stoneware and porcelain; sculpting and experimenting with new formulas for glazes. She also worked in wood.
Her tubes evolved quickly from miniatures (.08 cm) for home and garden use (.80 cm), into tubular forms for public squares fashioned from stoneware and reaching a height of almost three meters, and from concrete reaching up to eight meters high (Jaén, Spain, University, 2003).

Marlis Leue recognizes qualities and usefulness in many things which are normally not considered to have any value, and she changes their fate. She considers herself a transformer of objects and fragments.
 Since the 1990s she collects bits and pieces of “everything” to use in her sculptures and installations. For example, pieces of automobiles—and whole wrecked cars—construction materials, household utensils, all types of paper and cardboard. She also makes handmade paper and creates artist’s books



Her sculptures can be found in public and private collections in Europe, Japan and Mexico.

Reflexiones, Jaén 2003